Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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When the stars align...

boy believes that there are specific times in life when the stars align, and the universe creates a clear path for us to approach.  Now is just such a time, and boy is taking full advantage of it.

As it has mentioned on previous posts, something significant has happened in boy's personal life.  While this isn't something boy chooses to share publicly, it is the type of thing that changes things going forward.  Now more than ever, boy sees where it can be true to its identity, and really achieve some of its more difficult goals.

We all wrestle with career, money, success, etc.  For once in its life, career and money are pretty balanced.  The personal image of itself is really what is in focus.  Can boy achieve the physical health it has always wanted?  Can it do so in a competitive way as a means to building greater confidence?  Can it look and feel sexy and have the ideal body that it always wanted and that it'd like to present to its Owner?  It is ABSOLUTELY convinced that all of these things can happen.

My latest entries probably appear pretty weak, but know that a lot is going on behind the scenes.  boy is so consumed by the path it has been presented that it hasn't had a chance to really write it out much.  That, and frankly it is rather hard to keep this going without a controller.  Hopefully that too will be fixed.  As a submissive, boy always finds it much easier to stay focused when it is achieving for someone else.

boy is working on a revamp of its diet plan, workout plan, and goals.  All of this with the help of smart external resources that have PROVEN themselves.  boy is convinced that this picture will remain murky before it gets clearer.  Once it gets clear, it is going to be customized and the RIGHT plan forward is what will be left.

Stay tuned for more.  You may find that these entries aren't super exciting for the next few weeks, but positive things are in store for the future.


No workout performed today.  boy was extremely sore from an intense chest workout on Monday, and therefore took it as a rest day.


While boy is not reporting dieting right now, it is recording the meals consumed for reporting and help with a trained dietician that is focused on helping boy achieve its goals.

  • No drinks consumed.


boy was officially locked in chastity on 2-July-2016.  Today is the 46th day without orgasm.

  • Chastity Events
    • None to report


boy has a busy day tomorrow.  It will be attending early work meetings, followed by an afternoon workout.  boy then has additional work to be done in the afternoon/evening.


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